Happy Anniversary to our Dartmoor and beyond quiz! When this started we never imagined it would still be going after a full year. A huge thank you to our indefatigable quiz setter.

In celebration she has set a double quiz this week, so good luck to all our participants. As ever the answers to our last quiz are below this week’s questions.

Week 52

  1. What environmental factor caused the famous Whitehorse Hill kist to be revealed?
  2. What is the southernmost point of USA?
  3. Which famous writer frequently stayed at a farmhouse called Wingstone in Manaton?
  4. Which place in UK recently became home to the world’s first commercial deep space antenna?
  5. Which mineral was worked at Taw River mine near Belstone?
  6. What is the alternative name given to Laetane Sunday – the fourth Sunday in Lent in this country?
  7. What act in London caused the Lord of Buckland Manor to have “The Ten Commandments” engraved on granite stones nearby?
  8. In what year was the car driving test introduced in Britain?
  9. Sculptures by which artist can be seen around Drewsteignton?
  10. Who was Britain’s first Labour Prime Minister?
  11. What sport is Bernard Hinault associated with?
  12. By what name was the Allied WW2 invasion of North Africa in October 1942 known?
  13. Which radio programme started with the catchphrase “Are you sitting comfortably”?
  14. What type of mirage caused recent photos to be taken in Torbay of a P & O ferry that appeared to be floating in the sky?
  15. Which former railway line was the highest in England?
  16. Which is the highest freestanding mountain in the world?
  17. Which institute – a collaborative partner of Middlesex University is situated at Widecombe-in-the-Moor?
  18. Where is the author Thomas Hardy buried?
  19. A vaccine was first used in 1894 against which disease?
  20. What is a group of boars called?
  21. Who played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films?
  22. What romantic meaning does the name “Gorse” have? (see photo A)
  23. At what age do frogs start to breed, which involves production of large quantities of frog spawn often seen in ponds on Dartmoor? (see photo B)
  24. On which tor can these pillars of granite be seen? (see photo C)

Photo A
Photo B
Photo C
Answers to Week 51
  1. Basil Brown
  2. War Horse
  3. Absinthe liqueur
  4. 11 points are required to win a game.
  5. Jay’s Grave
  6. It is used to make scrub scenes and hedges by model railway enthusiasts.