Here are some wild daffodils from Dartmoor for Easter! We hope that you will all enjoy the Easter break and greater freedom to enjoy the outdoors.

Week 54

  1. What long distance path passes through Throwleigh village?
  2. In which US state is the ski resort of Aspen?
  3. In 1987, why did “The New Scientist” report that Chagford had “the most radioactive loo in the world”?
  4. “Dendrochronology” is the dating of past events by studying which natural phenomena?
  5. Who created the statue known as “Eros” in Trafalgar Square?
  6. Which leat on Dartmoor does this cross stand beside?


Answers to Week 53

  1. In Manchester’s Sackville Park
  2. A fragment of coloured stone, which might have formed part of a statue of Mary.
  3. A redd
  4. It was erected by Lt. Commander B. Hutchinson in memory of his mother.
  5. Denver
  6. “My dear Mother”