Easter has brought sunshine and the leaves coming out in Dartmoor’s wooded valleys. Today’s wind is biting though, so wrap up warm if you are out walking.

As ever the answers to last weeks quiz are below this weeks questions. Good luck!

Week 55

  1. Which Agatha Christie novel written in 1931 uses Belstone as the location of the fictional settlement of Sittaford?
  2. Which charity campaigned successfully for the passing of the Plumage Bill in 1921?
  3. What long-distance walking trail passes through Gidleigh?
  4. What crime did a dog called “Pickles” help to solve in March 1966?
  5. Who was Fata Morgana?
  6. Where on Dartmoor is this armchair like rock formation? (See photo)


Answers to Week 54

  1. Dartmoor Way
  2. Colorado
  3. Due to the high levels of naturally occurring Radon gas in the area from granite rocks.
  4. Annual rings in tree trunks
  5. Sir Alfred Gilbert
  6. Grimstone & Sortridge Leat