Dartmoor is coming back to life, and so far has missed the snow that has been falling elsewhere. Wrap up warm if you are out, though, as the wind is very chilly.

As ever the answers to last weeks quiz is below this weeks questions. Happy Quizzing!

Week 56

  1. What recent event in Japan was the earliest since 812?
  2. Which church on Dartmoor is know as “The Cathedral of the Moors”?
  3. The Forint is the national currency of which country?
  4. In which village was the manor of Taintone – meaning “a settlement beside the River Teign” in Anglo-Saxon, listed in the Doomsday Book?
  5. What was the oxalic acid extracted from Wood Sorrel used for?
  6. The white blossom of the Hawthorn tree is one of the signs of spring on Dartmoor but what other name is the tree known by? (See photo)


Answers to Week 55

  1. The Sittaford Mystery
  2. R.S.P.B.
  3. The Mariners’ Way
  4. He found the stolen Football World Cup in a garden in South London.
  5. A sorceress in Arthurian legend.
  6. Cramber Tor