The sun is shining and trees are just coming into leaf on Dartmoor.

As ever the answers to last weeks quiz are below this weeks questions.

Week 57

  1. What utility facility was built in the 1930’s in Mary Tavy that is still in use today?
  2. Who wrote the “Astronomical Atlases, Maps & Charts”?
  3. Which famous playwright was born at Bagtor House near Haytor?
  4. Against whom did Afghanistan wage the Afghan wars?
  5. Which two rivers form the boundaries for Belstone parish?
  6. What is the name given to the tradition in Japan of families gathering to view the Cherry Blossom during its short season?


Answers to Week 56

  1. The peek of the famous Cherry blossom.
  2. Church of St. Pancras, Widecombe-in-the-Moor.
  3. Hungary
  4. Drewsteignton
  5. The oxalic acid extracted from Wood Sorrel was sold as “Salts of Lemon” used for medicinal purposes and to remove stains from linen.
  6. The “May Tree”