Spring is definitely here on Dartmoor, but the cold weather and lack of rain mean that this year’s grass hasn’t really started to come through yet. The old vegetation is very dry creating a real risk of fire. Please be careful when out and about.

As ever the answers to last week’s quiz are below this week’s questions. Good luck!

Week 58

  1. Who discovered the magnetic South Pole in 1909?
  2. Why was a gibbet erected on “Gibbet Hill” outside Mary Tavy?
  3. What is a collection of frogs called?
  4. Which river flows through Horrabridge?
  5. How many players form a Basketball Team?
  6. Where is this unusual rock situated on Dartmoor?


Answers to Week 57

  1. Mary Tavy Hydro-electricity power station
  2. Basil Brown
  3. John Ford
  4. Britain
  5. Rivers East Okement & Taw
  6. Hanami