Spring is back today after a very blustery weekend. We hope you all survived intact.

Here is this week’s quiz with the answers to Week 58 below.

Week 59

  1. Which work of fiction by Michael Jecks is set in the village of Gidleigh?
  2. What is the only major city in the world located in two continents?
  3. In which war was the Battle of Spion Kop fought?
  4. Which famous topographer was resident in Brentor for part of his life?
  5. What is the hardest natural substance on earth?
  6. This beetle is commonly found on Dartmoor – but what is it called?


Answers to Week 58

  1. Sir Ernest Shackleton
  2. To deter highwaymen from attacking travellers along the road between Okehampton &Tavistock.
  3. An army of frogs
  4. River Walkham
  5. 5
  6. The Dewerstone