The recent rain and warmer weather has brought the bluebells on in Dartmoor’s valleys and verges dramatically in the last couple of weeks. This image is from the Dart Gorge a few years ago.

As ever the answers to last weeks quiz are below this weeks questions.

Week 61

  1. According to local legend, who was said to have stopped for directions and refreshment at The Tavistock Inn near Poundsgate on his way to Widecombe-in-the-Moor?
  2. In which year did the World Health Organisation declare that smallpox had been eradicated?
  3. What feature in Horrabridge is thought to have given the village its name?
  4. What is the largest city in Switzerland?
  5. Which famous female sculptress is associated with St. Ives in Cornwall?
  6. Wild Garlic is a common sight in hedgerows on Dartmoor in Spring but why is it not popular with dairy farmers?


Answers to Week 60

  1. River Amazon
  2. Bovey Tracey Potteries
  3. The statue of Peter Pan.
  4. Peak District, Lake District & Snowdonia
  5. Sir Henry Morgan
  6. Leather Tor & Sharpitor