The bluebells are out in their glory now on Dartmoor. In some areas you will see whole hillsides covered in them and in other areas they are flowering in the shade of semi-ancient woodland.

Here is Week 63 of our popular quiz with the answers to Week 62 below. A special thank you to our quiz setter this week as she rose from her sick bed to set the quiz.


Week 63

  1. From what did Alan Turing’s childhood friend Christopher Morcom die whilst they were still at school?
  2. Where are “The Commandment Stones” on Dartmoor?
  3. Which famous tourist destination is both a UNESO heritage site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World?
  4. Which Bronze Age stone circle stands near Belstone?
  5. For what kind act did a boat-builder from St. Ives make headline news recently?
  6. On which tor is this unusual rock formation to be found?


Answers to Week 62

  1. Great Staple Tor
  2. Silchester
  3. Edith Holden
  4. Carol Ann Duffy
  5. The Atlas tin mine and Smallacombe iron mine
  6. The “Cowslip” gets its name from the old English “Cow” meaning cattle and “Slyppe” dung because they are often found around patches of cow dung!