The answers to last weeks quiz are below this weeks questions. Happy quizzing!

Week 64

  1. What type of creatures did NASA launch to the International Space Station this week?
  2. In what year was the Two Moors Way opened?
  3. Which ocean going ferry was blown over in Wellington Harbour in New Zealand with a catastrophic loss of life?
  4. Where on Dartmoor is there a boundary stone names “The Grey Mare?
  5. Which former football player was known as “The Hand of God”?
  6. Bluebells are a common sight in the woods and hedgerows on Dartmoor but which road construction was held up for over 40 years due to their presence?


Answers to Week 63

  1. Tuberculosis
  2. Buckland Beacon
  3. Petra
  4. “Nine Maidens” stone circle.
  5. He constructed a raft for a swan to make her nest on because he had seen her nest and eggs washed away by floods and she had not managed to rear any young. She has hatched 8 cygnets so far this year so the plan has worked!
  6. King’s Tor