On a hot summer’s day a walk in shady Dartmoor woodland by a cool river is a perfect way to spend the day.

Here is Week 65 of our regular quiz. The answers to last week’s questions are below. Happy quizzing!

  1. Which early map drawn between 1280 & 1290 shows Cornwall as a separate constituent part of Britain?
  2. Which village on Dartmoor was called “Bellestam” in the Doomsday Book?
  3. How many brains does an octopus have?
  4. What gruesome fate befell malefactors imprisoned on “Gibbet Hill” ?
  5. How did Lord Kitchener die in 1916?
  6. What was the original use of the proving mortar still located at Powdermills?


Answers to Week 64

  1. Baby squid
  2. 1976
  3. The “Wahine”
  4. At the boundary between Ashburton and Buckland-in-the- Moor parishes on Buckland Beacon.
  5. Diego Maradonna
  6. The A30 Okehampton Byepass.