The rain this weekend will help Dartmoor to green up, which will be welcome. The DPA’s hay meadows at Pudsham are full of native orchids at the moment, so are really worth a visit if you missed our Open Day on Sunday. Visitors welcome at any time, but please tread carefully and remember to close the gates after you.

Here is this week’s quiz, with the answers to Week 65 below.

Week 66

  1. Who wrote the novel “Belladonna at Belstone” based around Belstone village?
  2. Which British Motorcyclist won the 500cc World Championships in 1976?
  3. On the banks of which river is the Tolmen Stone, which is perforated by a large circular hole?
  4. Which organism causes “Bubonic Plague”?
  5. The “Rial” is the national currency of which country?
  6. Common-spotted Orchids are found flowering on Dartmoor but which countries have the orchid as their national flower?


Answers to Week 65

  1. The “Mappa Mundi” (Map of the World)
  2. Belstone
  3. An octopus has 9 brains.
  4. People were imprisoned on a gibbet in a suspended iron cage and left to die.
  5. Lord Kitchener was lost at sea when his ship, HMS Hampshire hit a mine off Orkney en-route to Russia.
  6. It was used to test the quality of the gunpowder by measuring the distance it would throw a cannonball.