Below are the questions for Week 67 of our Dartmoor and beyond quiz with the answers to Week 66 below. We hope that you are enjoying testing your Dartmoor, and wider, knowledge against our quiz setter!

Week 67

  1. What is the national flower of Wales?
  2. Which inn on Dartmoor is the highest in Southern England standing at 1,425ft (434m) above sea level?
  3. Which was the first place to be liberated from the German occupation on the eve of the “D Day” landings in 1944?
  4. What were the names of the two reservoirs constructed in Plymouth in the 1820’s to hold water from the Devonport Leat?
  5. Which children’s story by Mary Norton describes a family of tiny people, who live under the floor?
  6. Slow worms are found on Dartmoor but what type of creature are they?

Answers to Week 66

  1. Michael Jecks
  2. Barry Sheene
  3. River North Teign
  4. A bacteria – Yersinia Pestis found in rodents and their fleas.
  5. Iran
  6. Hong Kong and Honduras