Summer seems to have taken a brief holiday this week on Dartmoor with a week of misty views and damp weather, but that doesn’t stop us enjoying the beauty of the moor.

We are at Week 69 of our quiz and the answers to Week 68 are below this week’s questions. Happy quizzing!

Week 69

  1. Which famous band travelled home to Liverpool from recording in London in freezing temperatures in a van with no windscreen on 23rd January 1963?
  2. Where on Dartmoor is Shell Top?
  3. Against which institutions was the Combination Acts of 1799 & 1800 used?
  4. Which river flows through Fernworthy Forest?
  5. Who wrote “War and Peace”?
  6. This plant is often seen in hedgerows on Dartmoor. What is its name?


Answers to Week 68

  1. North Teign – Teign Head, South Teign – Grey Wethers
  2. Zagreb
  3. Sir Francis Drake
  4. The Granth Sahib
  5. Oscar Eckenstein
  6. The monks kept herons for fishing