Welcome to another hot and hazy week on Dartmoor.

We have reached Week 70 of our Dartmoor and Beyond quiz, which is a great tribute to our quiz-setter’s stamina! As ever the answers to last week’s quiz can be found below this week’s questions.

Happy quizzing!

Week 70

  1. Where on Dartmoor is Aune Head Mire?
  2. Who painted “Europe – a Prophecy”?
  3. According to recent research, in what era were British people at their happiest?
  4. Where on Dartmoor are the remains of Vaghill rabbit warren?
  5. Which basketball team was founded by Aba Saperstein in 1926?
  6. Ponies are part of the grazing system for Dartmoor.  Traditional Dartmoor ponies are single coloured. What is the name given to the colouring of the spotted pony?


Answers to Week 69

  1. The Beetles
  2. Lee Moor
  3. Trade Unions
  4. South Teign
  5. Leo Tolstoy
  6. Navel Wort