Looking down the Dart valley

Looking down the Dart valley

We are now at Week 71 of our weekly quiz about all things Dartmoor and beyond. Many thanks to our regular quiz setter, Julia.

As ever the answers to last week’s quiz are below this week’s questions.

Week 71

  1. In what year did food rationing end in Britain after WW2?
  2. Where do the rivers North Teign and South Teign combine on Dartmoor?
  3. The Olympic Games have just opened in Tokyo but when was the games last held there?
  4. Giant’s Basin Cairn is close to which river on Dartmoor?
  5. He is well-known for one of them but what four occupations did Giacomo Casanova practice in the mid-1700’s?
  6. This type of butterfly can be seen on Dartmoor. What is its name?


Answers to Week 70

  1. Holne Moor
  2. William Blake
  3. “The Roaring Twenties”
  4. Yartor Down
  5. The Harlem Globetrotters
  6. Appaloosa