Welcome back for, unbelievably, the eight in our series of weekly quizzes. The hedgerows in Dartmoor lanes are in full flower now and buzzing with insect life.

Week 8

  1. In which year was the first satellite launched into space?
  2. In what year was the last battle fought on British soil?
  3. What cycle way passes through Lustleigh on its way to Bovey Tracey?
  4. Who built the wall running up to Great Mis Tor?
  5. Which Emily Brontë novel is the inspiration for a Kate Bush song?
  6. From which point on Dartmoor can this spectacular view be seen on a fine day?


And here are the answers to last week’s quiz

  1. Warsaw, Poland
  2. A horticulturally or argricuturally derived plant rather than a natural variety.
  3. Lackey moth
  4. The acetone on conkers was used for making cordite for use as a propellant for shells and other armaments.
  5. Castle Drogo
  6. Please, please me