We are now at week 9 of our quiz and visitors are beginning to make their way back onto Dartmoor. Please be extra careful on the roads at the moment as there are lots of foals and ponies around.  They’ve got used to the roads being much quieter.

Our picture this week is the view up to Yar Tor from Babeny Farm.

Week 9

  1. Which leat flows through Plaster Down?
  2. What was the name of the vessel on which Charles Darwin travelled to make his observations that influenced his theory of natural selection?
  3. For what was the wife of Ferdinand Marcos, President of the Philippines famous for?
  4. What was originally on the site of the Scout Hut at Sheeps Tor?
  5. What were the names of the two former hamlets that make up the village of Manaton?
  6. The rate at which the body produces energy from nutrients is controlled by which gland in the neck?

And the answers to Week 8 are as follows:

  1. 1957
  2. 1746 – Battle of Culloden Moor
  3. Wray Valley Trail
  4. Conscientious Objectors during WW1 (Conchies Wall)
  5. Wuthering Heights
  6. Swelltor Quarry