Saturday 6th August was a proper summer’s day, blue sky from dawn ’til disk – with just a tiddly bit of summer cloud. The DPA had its usual stand, again, inside the big craft marquee …..

DPA volunteers Val, Derek, Keith & Berni

DPA volunteers Val, Derek, Keith & Berni

We were alongside an old friend from several shows over recent years ……….


Dartmoor Magazine, manned by Editor Sue.

By the time Berni and I arrived, the table was already prepared, so a quick tour outside revealed the location of the liquid refreshment tent – right beside us. As the photograph below shows, the ground was quiet …..


The stage and dance floor, with the craft marquee behind.


Inside the craft marquee before it became crowded in “The Rush”!

Let the folk dancing begin …..


An un-posed photograph.

There was quite a few in crowd around the dancing area …..


General scene at the dance stage.

Some watched from the beer tent …..


Beer tent with the walls rolled up for ventilation and to provide a view outside.

There is always a variety of stands, tents, gazebos etc …..


General scene around the show ground.

Another general scene …..


Another general scene.

View towards the combined beer and performance marquee …..


Beer and performance marquee.

You may not believe this …..


Something else.

A closer look ….. Let’s jump the broomstick …..


Try this at home!

I have forgotten the name of this Morris group – they were on before Old Speckled Hen – that gives you some idea of the nature of this show – everyone having fun!


Morris – men and women with their genteel dancing steps.

I couldn’t resist saving the best ’til last …..

What sort of cheese was that?  Or ... Have you seen my wooden skipping rope?

What sort of cheese was that? Or … Have you seen my wooden skipping rope?

All in all, it was a good day, and the sales of books, maps, leisure wear, Christmas cards and calendars made some profit for the DPA funds. All in all, a proper summer’s day.