Week One. Or is it Week Two ? Or has it really started yet ? I’m not sure and I’m confused.

The position is that on 10th December I announced that growth at Paxman incorporated was getting a bit out of hand, and out of waistband, and that consequently I would be shedding a substantial part of my growth/girth over the next 6 months. I invited sponsors to come forward on the basis of a pound donated for every pound shed. All monies raised will be donated to the DPA and sponsors can limit their contribution by placing a cap on their sponsorship amount. Furthermore, all sponsors were invited to guess what the final weight will be on June 16th 2012. The sponsor with the closest guess will receive a £50 prize and the return of their sponsorship monies.

When I made the announcement I had not really thought through how the campaign would be conducted. I just had a vague idea that it would be a good thing to do and that I could raise some funds at the same time from folks who would be delighted to see a trimmer me. I also know that I will be just too embarrassed to fail so the sponsorship will provide fantastic motivation.

The first problem arises with the start point. We have two sets of scales at home. The older one is the type with the rotating dial with a red needle indicating your weight. Unfortunately the dial runs out at 20 stone. Although my weight does not push the dial to the very top it’s not far off and therefore I’m inclined to think it’s not very accurate. Also, my failing eyesight makes it very hard to see exactly what weight is indicated and the dial has an annoying habit of swinging about, making any sort of accurate measurement impossible. This is compounded by the contortions I have to make in order to see around the large lump of flesh that has attached itself to my waistline.

As a result of this I estimated my starting weight at 263 lbs which is the weight that will be used for sponsorship purposes.

The sponsors are getting a slight edge I think. The newer set of scales is digital and as far as I can tell is reasonably accurate. On this machine I weigh in at an impressive 121.3 Kg – which in pounds is a very chubby 267 lbs.

I think that I might be able to lose a couple of pounds every week so that would give a target for Jun16th of – well you can figure that out I’m sure. Meantime, having fixed the starting point I must go and do some more pondering about how the end point is to be achieved. I’m off to the pub to think that one through.

Oh – and if you can think of a good title for this little campaign then please do drop me a line and let me know.