Dendles farmstead was been obscured by conifers for almost 40 years until 15 years or so ago.  After that, stock were excluded from the area to allow regeneration of native tree species, but gorse, bramble and rank grasses grew to such an extent that the farmstead was again invisible.   The DPA conservation volunteers have taken on the project to clear the area (with help from DNPA rangers transporting tools). The latest visit was on 13th March when 10 people strimmed, lopped and slashed some of the farmstead walls.    As the photos show, progress is being made but there is more to be done.    How and when this will happen is still to be decided but it would be a great pity if the remains were lost from view.

20150313 Dendles 1 (3)

20150313 Dendles 3 (3)

Photos: Rachel Watson