The 14th of December was the last workday of the year for the DPA conservation volunteers, so we chose a section of the Devonport Leat that has a very good rest area which is also large enough to maintain social distancing, plus giving some protection from the wind.

The work consisted of finishing the tidying from a previous visit, plus starting an area we had not touched for about six years. This was a real challenge but, as usual, our volunteers did an excellent job.

There is no praise too high for the outstanding work that these extraordinary volunteers do throughout the year so, as a very small thank you, they received a lovely hot pasty delivered at lunch time followed by a small parcel from the lucky dip which were both gratefully received.

We had eighteen volunteers, plus at least another six who would have joined us but are young enough to still work. We can’t do much about saving a pasty for them, but they will get a lucky dip.

Having worked so hard throughout the year we can now all sit back and enjoy a peaceful Christmas and New Year, reminiscing about the various work sites and counting the days when we are out there again!

Lucky-dip time

Hard at work

The team on a well-earned break