What can I say about Tuesday 18th October? I’ll just keep shaking the bones, then! Another dry and sunny day on the leat, although there were a few drops of rain early on – but what do you know – they stopped as soon as the Ayatollah arrived with the waterproof that I had left at home, bless her.

The latest view from the road bridge over the leat - it looks clearer

I think the team did a great job again, with two chainsaws running on this 6th work day. So, thank you again: Barry & Tanya, Bill, Bob, Chris, Elaine & John, John L, John & Rachel, Kathy, Mally, Nigel, Roger, Stephanie and Sylvia – there were 17 of us there altogether.

Somehow, the day seemed easier for me, possibly because the second chainsaw was running and that spreads the load quite a lot. Strangely, I spent quite a while near the front of the group today instead of cutting tough stuff near the back. Either it seemed easier or are we getting more expert at what we are doing?

In keeping with our recently established tradition on the leat – we had cake! Apple and cinnamon cake. Really very nice cake – our thanks again to Elaine. No wonder John smiles a lot, with cake like that at home!

A pile of trimmings beside the leat - new habitat for insects

The new habitat piles made from trimmings seem to be merging into the scenery. After a few months will they be almost invisible? It will be interesting to see what happens with them as the months go by – will they shrink down a lot, what wildlife will make use of them, will the birds benefit from more insects being available?

The wau ahead - much more open than the impenetrable start that we had

The way ahead is much easier than where we started this section. The tarmac road serving the nearby houses can just be seen down on the right.

Last line – the Rock Hotel at Yelverton must be slightly bemused at the furniture re-arranging we do at the end of a work day – a lot of chairs get moved! But then, there’s a lot of us and we do like to mull things over together. That’s an invaluable part of the day!