I apologize if this sounds familiar – but what a super day we had today!

I can only say that “shaking the bones” seems to be doing the trick – the only cloud I saw today was a little white one on the way home – the proof of the pudding (and the cakes) is in the eating, or, rather, the photographs. I did warn you that the camera was coming out.

Early start - with a coffee break and an induction chat - Click photo for larger version

I really have to thank PEA – Plymouth Environmental Action, a youth group, for offering their services to the DPA. Luckily, old Grey Beard here got them hooked into the leat project! What a coup – they were really nice guys to have on board.

Even better than that (Ho yes, James) they brought their own cakes …..

Esther's Bonfire Night Fairy Cakes

Esther's Bonfire Night Fairy Cakes - Click photo for larger version

As this was November 5th, the leader of the group had made multi-coloured Bonfire Night Fairy Cakes. Take note, you DPA types – be there or be without!

Before I forget, I really want to say a big “Thank you” to Peter, Hayley, Michael, Sam, Laura, Rob, Simon, Chris, Bashir, Karwan and Anna for their efforts today. Also to their group leader, Esther, for suggesting their services and for bringing them (and the cakes).

As I said in my last ‘post’ on the blog, photos do liven the place up a bit, so here is another:

PEA on Devonport Leat, 5th Nov. 2011

Well-earned break time - Click photo for larger version

The problem with the photo above, apart from showing a group of young volunteers on a well-earned break, is the contrast – you see, the sun shines so brightly on leat days!

In case you were wondering, DPA were represented on this extra work day …..

Showing a few DPA guys as well!

PEA and DPA volunteers on the leat - Click photo for larger version

As you can see, Nigel and Stephanie were there; so were Roger, Barbara and myself – although they are not facing the camera and you can see me just behind it …..

For those keeping tally, there were 12 PEA people and 5 from DPA, 17 altogether on this 8th leat day. I think that is a good turnout, especially for a day inserted into the calendar.

For those trying to follow the plot – we returned to the project starting place today and took away some more of the trees that had grown in the old leat bed and on its close banks. The area is that much clearer now. The oak tree by the clapper bridge is still there, being a good-looking mature tree constituting a fine “standard”, particularly in its shape, unlike some of the others that have come in as distorted, crowded “weed” trees.

If you would like to join in these enjoyable days out on Dartmoor and do a little voluntary work for our beautiful environment, why not join us next Thursday, 10th November, or if you prefer a Saturday, then come on the 12th and meet PEA – Plymouth Environmental Action, when they will be helping DPA again.

PS – Did I mention we had cakes?