Not really! After a horrendous weather forecast and a receiving a few telephone calls as to whether the work day would go ahead – it did. Last time, and the only time to date, it was cancelled due to the weather forecast, it turned out to be quite a fine day in Plymouth!

This was our 10th day of work on the leat and, surprisingly, considering the weather, we more or less achieved the targets that I had quietly set myself for the day.

For that, I have to thank Barry & Tanya, Bill, Bob, Chris, Derek, Elaine & John, Kathy, Mally, Nigel, Roger, Stephanie and Sylvia, who, with new volunteers, Ian and Kieran, plus myself, made a total of 17. Not bad for a day that could easily have been cancelled. My thanks again to everyone who turned out …..

The fearnought volunteers of the DPA on Devonport Leat - click photo for larger version

We finished cutting trees in the very first section, where we started on 2nd September. At the same time, some of the group also started clearing fallen timber etc. from the cutting that the leat tunnel runs through and others moved along to start cutting the brambles that filled the ground between the two banks that run along on each side of the cutting.

The tunnel is approximately 200 yards long with the final 80 yards being the worst regarding scrub growth. Today we cleared about 30 yards, leaving another 42 yards or so of thick scrub and about another 20 yards of less serious growth. With a little luck and fair weather, we might just finish this section on the next visit.

Having worked solidly and being very productive, we had our sandwiches around 1.00 pm. Afterwards, it seemed that it really was going to rain on our parade so we cleared the site and high-tailed it away in different directions, with several of us debriefing at The Rock Hotel in Yelverton. No change there, then!

The next work day on the leat is on Tuesday 13th December – all hands welcome! If you are new to volunteering and would like to try out with this merry band (click the photo to see them in detail) call the DPA on 01822 890646 or look at the Contacts page on the DPA web site. Alternatively, call the project co-ordinator, Keith Ryan, on 01752 405245.