Thursday 5th March was the last day on Devonport Leat as the winter conservation season winds down, before the nesting season begins.  We met behind Roborough Rock and the small car park across the main road and then walked along the leat to the day’s starting point, while Derek and Keith took tools and some of the rucksacks by car.

At first sight it looked as if there was little to do but the look was deceiving! There were areas of small brambles that turned out to be quite extensive although they were partly hidden by the fallen leaves of last autumn.

It was an interesting day in that there was a SWW leatsman close by working on Drake’s (Plymouth) Leat, using a shovel to remove leaves and mud.  This was in an area where the small digger that we saw recently at Clearbrook (doing the same job) could not access.

Lunch break on Devonport Leat

Lunch break on Devonport Leat

There was a general running out of steam today as we reached the long wet section of leat not too far from the car park, so we called it a day before three o’clock and tidied up for the last time before the summer bracken season on the leats.

The trusty volunteers today were Bob Bruce, Chris Francis, David Auty, Derek Collins, Elaine Viant, Ian Aldersley, Janet Reeves, John Viant, John Watson, Keith Ryan, Mally Stephen, Pam Spittle, Rachel Watson and Val Barns: 14 in total.  Some rather superb chocolate cake was brought by Rachel – thanks again!

I didn’t take any other photographs today – I was too busy working so this ‘post’ will look a little shorter than some of them.  All that remains is for me to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who gave so willingly of their efforts in this endeavour, your work is much appreciated.  Now, I can go and ache in peace and look forward to our Social Evening on Monday 9th March!

PS – As usual, you can click on the photograph to see a larger version, another click renders it huge!