Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – twenty-two times over!

Thank you to Adam, Barbara & Roger, Barry & Tanya, Bill, Bob, Chris, Clifton, Darren, Derek, John L, John & Elaine, John & Rachel, Kathy, Keith B, Nigel, Stephanie, Sylvia and Val – who all turned out to help on the first day of the new project.

Thank you also to Peter, Secretary of Roborough Commoners Association, for his visit as we got started, to confirm that we were doing what was required for the management of the Common.

We started with a short coffee break after reaching the work site, while I said a few words – I thought that somewhat set the tone for the day! Of course, I forgot a few things but we won’t go into that.

Suffice it to say, the twenty-three of us got a lot of work done. It was the first time for the DPA Conservation Team working with chainsaws and trimming trees that were growing in the wrong place. This was scrub control on a larger scale compared to what we normally do. As Roger and I (the two trained chainsaw operators) were preparing the site yesterday, ready for the team to start today, a passer-by asked what I was doing. When I explained who we were and what we were doing, she said “About time”!

The problem with today was that we covered the work I had planned for two visits! Now I will have to plan the next section of work. This will be in the wooded section of the golf course, where the golf course manager is looking forward to our efforts – the club makes a bit of a feature of the leat running across their part of the common.

As I pointed out to a new volunteer, we are a sociable group – as we sat, re-hydrating, outside the Rock Inn, Yelverton, in the late afternoon sunshine! What a super day!

Until the next work day, Fri 16th Sept, thanks again – from Keith (project co-ordinator)

PS – See, Folks, it was 23 – I didn’t have a stalwart on the register!

By the way …..

Small bridge over the leat (middle third of the photograph), showing the next work section to be cleared – bramble, hawthorn and bracken, plus further along, there is gorse, too!