Thank you again for another great turn-out on Friday 16 Sept. Thanks to Adam, Barbara & Roger, Barry & Tanya, Bill, Bob, Chris, Clifton, Derek, John L, John & Elaine, John & Rachel, Kathy, Nigel and Stephanie, who, along with myself, made a total of 19!

We met again at the Clearbrook car park by the bridge over the Plymouth (Drake’s) Leat. I drove some tools and rucksacks around by road to the work site while Derek and Roger had already gone there with other tools. The rest of the party had a pleasant walk along the cycle track.

Roger and I had been at the site on Weds. morning to clear a path along in the leat. This was done using two chainsaws. Prior to this it was a real jungle, which could be penetrated only with difficulty. It was not fair to expect the work party to fight their way through that kind of vegetation – we might never have seen them again!

A large oak tree has been delimbed where the tree was blocking the way through along the leat and its banks. It has been left to form a good-sized "standard" tree near the 18th tee on the golf course. This is a "before" photo, taken after some preparatory work prior to the work day: without this being done, the leat was impassable.

Once again, the work that was done was impressive. While there were not so many large trees this time, there were plenty of hawthorn, gorse and rowans to be cut. The hawthorns were particularly difficult with their upper branches being well-entangled with each other. They were also particularly spiny, as I sit here nursing a thorn in the base of my thumb – I have already searched the web for methods of “drawing” splinters out!

Approaching the bridge over the leat by the 18th tee on the golf course (the tee area is at top right) - can you see a bridge? This is another "before" photo, taken after some preparatory work prior to the work day.

The next work day is on Tuesday 20th Sept. and we will meet at the same place as today and return to the same work site to try and finish off this length. There will only be one chainsaw but there will be plenty of work! Hopefully, we will finish with the leat being strimmed along the whole section after removing loose debris.

While a lot of work was done, we had the usual breaks: starting with a coffee break and a chat from me when we arrived at the site, around 10.20 am, coffee at 11.30 am, lunch at 12.30 am, coffee at 2.00 pm and finishing at 3.00 pm. This gave us good time to wrap-up and wend our way to The Rock Inn at Yelverton, as previously. The libations were very well-earned although this time there was a shower and we had to move indoors. Never mind, it was still a very good day, so “Thank you” once more to all who made the effort, from Keith.