Here I go again .. what can I say this time .. after such a gorgeous, wall-to-wall, sunny day!

This was the 7th work day and what a difference to the area we were working in a few weeks ago? Now, the area is quite open and pleasant with scattered trees and fewer hawthorns than before. The Secretary of the Commoners Association visited us again and declared that we were doing a great job and pointed out what other growth could be removed. We will “make it so” – that’s Star Trek talk, but we can do it!

A couple of us spoke to a resident who was busy wheel-barrowing logs away as they were invited to do by the Commoners Association. He also seemed very happy with our work!

Before I forget, my thanks again to the gallant band of volunteers who came out with us on this occasion: Barry & Tanya, Bill, Bob, Chris, Derek, Elaine & John, Helen, Janet, John, John & Rachel, Kathy, Keith, Mally, Nigel, Roger, Stephanie, Sylvia and Val – twenty-two of us altogether. Another welcome to new girl, Helen, who I hope enjoyed her day with us.

There was perhaps one very minor disaster! I think these blog reports really need a photo or two to liven them up – and to that end my camera was in the rucksack. I meant to, just to annoy James, take a photograph of this week’s cake! For a change, there wasn’t any! Ah well, there’s always next time …..

I warn you, though, the camera will make an appearance – so keep smiling, it could be you on this web page next time!

I am sorry that some of us couldn’t get to the Rock Hotel with you afterwards, we had to go to a meeting of Project Co-ordinators, office staff, etc. to plan the next few months – so exciting! Some ‘hot’ news from the meeting is that we will be going back to areas we have left, such as the 100 metres of gorse and the leat tunnel roof. We will also be re-visiting Drake’s (Plymouth) Leat at some point before next Spring.