This is notification that the 2018 AGM of the Dartmoor Preservation Association will be held on Saturday 26th May 2018, starting at 2pm, at Bridestowe Village Hall.

After the formal AGM we will have a guest speaker  –   John Walters, ecologist, wildlife artist and TV naturalist  

A practical talk on creating a small-scale wildlife garden. Every garden can offer an incredibly valuable refuge to our wildlife. Once common species, from bumblebees to butterflies, sparrows to hedgehogs, are struggling – 56% of all UK species have declined since 1970. The good news is we can all help to reverse these trends. And the methods are easy.

Come and find out what are the best food plants for pollinators,  how to attract frogs and dragonflies without digging a pond,  how to create a mini wildflower meadow. And much, much more…