It is that time of year again, when DPA volunteers sally forth to publicise Dartmoor Preservation Association by explaining what we do, where, why, when and how; and, in the process, raise funds to support our activities. This spreading of the word is something we, and our forbears, have done, I am tempted to say, “since time immemorial”. However, the DPA has only been in existence sine 1883, so that would be not quite accurate.

The first outing took place this past weekend, 12th & 13th August, at the 40th Dartmoor Folk Festival, held at South Zeal. Unfortunately, I missed the Saturday but I reported for duty about 9.30 am on the Sunday. Derek Collins and Val Barns managed admirably in setting up the DPA stand from the APY wagon – this is a show where the stands are inside a large event marquee so that we don’t have to erect our own gazebo.

The volunteers were kept fairly busy with some quite lengthy conversations being had. I had a chat in German to a couple I had seen at the show in previous years. It transpired that they rode from south-west Germany on an old BMW motorbike that I saw later, parked in the village.  They obviously like visiting the area. I also met an archaeologist who told me a little about horse-engine houses – part of my preparation for the next DPA Short Walk.

Being so busy, I didn’t go forth with my camera until later in the afternoon, and then not for long, so the choice of subjects in the photographs is a little limited in subject matter, also I failed to get a photograph of the DPA stall this time ….. ….. it looked a lot like all the previous years, though!


Some photographs are irresistible!

Some photographs are irresistible!

As the caption says, some photographs almost take themselves! Ferret racing is alive and well.

A general view inside the main display marquee.

A general view inside the main display marquee.

The photograph above was taken in the marquee where all the “trade” displays are located. While being a large marquee, the main marquee is large; it houses the bar at one end and the other end is set up as a quite large “concert hall” where folk music and dancing workshops are held through the day and “proper” concerts go on until late into the nights.

General view of a children's dance event.

General view of a children’s dance event.

There was a list of dance events in the arena , but the official programme couldn’t list them all.

Children's dance event

Children’s dance event


Onlookers .....

Onlookers …..


Another view of the onlookers

Another view of the onlookers

After a quick walk around to see the other gazebos, First Aid, Devon Wildlife Trust and a variety of food enterprises, another look in the display marquee …..

Trade marquee

Trade marquee

My last photographic foray encountered Hook Eagle Border Morris, from the north Hampshire area, near Basingstoke, I was told. The rest of the photographs are of them.

Hook Eagle Border Morris - 1

Hook Eagle Border Morris – 1


Hook Eagle Border Morris - 2

Hook Eagle Border Morris – 2


Hook Eagle Border Morris - 3

Hook Eagle Border Morris – 3


Hook Eagle Border Morris - 4

Hook Eagle Border Morris – 4