On Sunday, 17th July, 11 DPA members, led by Bill Radcliffe, set off from Shipley Bridge to walk the 5th part of the Dartmoor Forest Parish Boundary. Reaching Eastern Whittabarrow via the Zeal Tor tramway, we proceeded to Western Whittabarrow, Redlake, past the longest stone row on the moor, then Erme Pits where we had lunch, the ‘A Head’ stone and Broad Rock to Plym Ford. From there we turned sharp left along the mine track to Eylesbarrow, and then ascended to the barrow itself before the final descent and past Nun’s Cross farm to the cars which had been left in the car park near Whiteworks.
There are 3 more legs of the walk ahead, spaced fortnightly, so refer to the website diary for further details to book your place.


The Erme stone row - the longest on the Moor.

The Erme stone row – the longest on the Moor.


Lunch at Erme Pits.

Lunch at Erme Pits.


Syward's (Nun's) cross with Nun's Cross Farm behind.

Syward’s (Nun’s) cross with Nun’s Cross Farm behind.