Saturday 18th June, 2-5pm

The DPA is pleased to be able to open our newly-acquired hay meadow as part of the Moor Meadows group’s annual celebration of these magnificent, but endangered habitats.


  • Grid ref: SX 728745
  • Description: The meadow adjoins the enclosed part of the Pudsham Down bridlepath, next door to the meadow belonging to Ralph Mackridge and Jill Millar (which is open on Sunday 19th June). The land lies at 340 metres and was acquired in the early 1990s by Mrs Elizabeth Proctor who initially consulted the DNPA about tree planting. The potential of the site for management as a traditional hay meadow was recognised and Mrs Proctor entered into a Management Agreement with the DNPA. Last year the two acre meadow was found to contain 1090 heath spotted orchids, 132 greater butterfly orchids and 114 southern marsh. Mrs Proctor recently offered the land to the Dartmoor Preservation Association to ensure its continued conservation. As well as the main meadow the DPA now owns two smaller plots either side of the bridlepath which are the focus for further scrub clearance and bracken control by the DPA’s conservation team working with the DNPA. The larger of these two small plots last year had 116 greater butterfly orchids, 45 southern marsh, three heath spotted and some twayblade. Annual management also includes pony grazing for a short time in the autumn.
  • Directions: From Bovey Tracey and Ashburton, approach via Cold East Cross (SX 741742). From Widecombe, take the turning out of the centre of the village signed Venton, past the Rugglestone Inn. At Chittleford take the left hand turn and continue up the hill onto Pudsham Down. Turn right at the T-­junction. About 200m further on there is a gate on the left at the top of the bridle path. The DPA’s meadow is the first gate on the left going down the bridlepath.
  • Parking: The nearest car­ park is above the stream between Buckland Common and Pudsham Down (SX 735747). There is limited parking on the verge where the bridlepath emerges onto Pudsham Down
  • Refreshments: None.
  • Volunteering: The DPA welcomes new volunteers who would like to join the team carrying on the conservation and enhancement of these fragile sites. If you are interested please contact Norman Cowling on 01364 621268.