Southern double stone row at Merrivale

Southern double stone row at Merrivale

It is important that you book a place on these free walks – car parking can be limited on Dartmoor and with 38 of us on 25th March 2018, we were double and triple-parked at Four Winds.

Due to their popularity, it has become necessary to limit the walks to groups of about 24 persons.

As we have now gone more than a year without dogs, we now have this as a rule.

Contact John Howell at for details or to book a place and whether you want to join the après walk lunch – which is not free!  The pubs like to know how many to prepare for. You will be added to the “blind” email group so that you receive reports and updates about the walks. You can opt out at any time.

The DPA introduced short guided walks each month, starting on 25th January 2017.

The date will normally be the 25th of the month except in December.

The walks will be about three miles in length and take about two and half hours, including a short coffee break near the halfway point. They are free and are designed for members and non-members who feel they cannot join the longer walks that the Association has offered since its founding in 1883. They will start at 10.00 am and following the walk there will be an optional lunch at a local hostelry. The lunches are not included!

It is hoped that in this way, we can introduce new walkers to the pleasures of the moor in a safe manner, or attract older walkers who no longer wish to undertake strenuous walks, or walkers who do not want to venture out on their own. The walks will start from easy-to-reach car parks and will be on ground that is not difficult, following established tracks where possible.

There will be an “added value” aspect to the walks in that they will be followed by a web page of photographs, explanatory text and a GPS track on a Google Satellite View that shows exactly where we walked. You can zoom in on these and see a lot of detail, but perhaps not quite see your footprints!

So, if you would like to try the delights of Dartmoor walking, why not come along and give it a ‘go’?

PS – The “D365” references below are the squares that we walk in as listed in the book, Dartmoor 365 by John Hayward (1991), where each of the 365 square miles of the National Park is represented by one of 365 pages in the book. The book has recently been revised by Rob Hayward (2018).


Group near hut circle, about 95 metres from Burrator Quarry car park

Group near hut circle, about 95 metres from Burrator Quarry car park