On Tuesday 8th February, 9 volunteers braved the narrow lanes to park close to Hunter’s Tor, Lustleigh. Two years ago, the local commoners asked for our help to cut a fire break outside the Iron Age rings to the south of the tor.
We returned to cut the re-growth and, with some extra time, we were able to clear part of the rings and widen the footpath where gorse was encroaching. It was hard work, but very satisfying to complete, so much more than expected. Once again, the ponies were very appreciative and couldn’t wait to get in and graze the cut areas.
Thank you to the commoner, Bridget, for sorting out the tasks for us, to Andy, the DNPA archaeologist, for arranging funding, and to the owner of a local farm for letting us park on his property and saving us from a long walk with equipment.
Sylvia Hamilton
Photos: Sylvia Hamilton