On Saturday 15th October, the volunteers finally made it to our new long-term project, clearing the Bronze Age settlement on Buckland Common.  Unfortunately, our summer visits had to be cancelled leaving the site densely covered in bracken.  An excellent turnout of 15 volunteers made their way to the area.  After some problem locating any recognisable features, we found a boundary bank for one of the pounds and began work.

The strimmers started on the middle of the pound whilst the rest cleared the boundary.  During the morning we were pleased to be joined by the Viants adding another two to our ranks.  By lunchtime the clouds were closing in and sadly, due to pouring rain, we had to make an early retreat to the pub! Despite only having the morning to work, we were amazed by the amount we had been able to clear.  Thanks to eveyone who helped and congratulations to Derek who was able to drive the APY Wagon along the rough track right down to the site, allowing us to pack up and go before we all got soaked through.