Photo of the leat where it has been cleared

Devonport Leat with a cleared walkway on the left ....... Click image for larger version

Friday 2nd February was our 14th day of conservation work on Devonport Leat and what an absolute beauty of a day it was! Sometime, the fates are bound to look less kindly on us, however, today was a real blue sky Dartmoor day, although it was very cold.

I saw -2°C recorded on the car instrumentation but after we started work I took off the old Barbour jacket and an old fleece – leaving just a winter shirt and a long-sleeved thermal polo-neck! I was not going to be cold, no matter what weather came along.

My many, many thanks to Bill, Bob, Chris, Clive, Derek, Elaine & John, Helen, Jack, John & Rachel, Kieran, Keith, Paul, Roger, Stephanie, Steve, Sylvia and Val who with myself made twenty volunteers.

A special “Thank-you” goes to Sylvia who brought (wait for it) two sorts of cake! This time we had great fruitcake AND orange chocolate bars. Someone told me the bar pieces were good – but I already knew that!

Another special “Thank you” also to our hero who is often taken for granted – Derek. He brings our tools religiously and takes them back again but there is a lot of work in between – checking, cleaning, servicing, etc. Its bad enough doing your tools at home – today Derek brought tools for twenty! I’m saying this particularly because I had a taste of it last week!

The photograph above shows the leat with little growth in it – what there was is removed. There is a cleared 2-metre walkway on the left and the road on the right. A number of logs are visible on the right bank ready for residents to collect.

After the work was finished, several of us retired to The Rock Inn at Yelverton, where a period of welcome refreshment ensued, interspersed with sociable conversation. If you would like to join this happy band then contact the DPA via the web site, clicking on “Volunteering” or “Conservation – Devonport Leat”.