The first bracken bashing session of 2014 took place at High House Waste on Sunday 6th July.   In some places bracken previously treated was sparse but the walls needed a good bashing.   Almost the whole area was cleared, but there is another day – 3rd August – when we shall finish High House Waste and also  tackle Hawns.   Adam took the fixed point photos which we use to monitor growth over time, as well as nice pictures of some the mire showing the white beak-sedge and asphodel; also keeled skimmer dragonflies.   

white beak sedge july 2014 - 640 pixels

White beak sedge.

asphodel july 2014 - 640 pixels

Bog asphodel.

keeled skimmers july 2014 - 640 pixels

Keeled skimmer dragonflies.