After being shown the work last January and waiting until now, it’s nearly time to start work – on Friday 2nd September.

As I sit here contemplating the Risk Assessment for a final time, compiling a group email list, working up a list of volunteers’ telephone numbers in case of last minute changes etc. it struck me that at the moment there are twenty-four regular volunteers on the list, excluding office staff.

Another three may attend although they tend to concentrate on cairns etc. What also struck me is that ten people on the list were on the recent First Aid course!

It looks as if we could have quite an active group, the more the merrier!

A group email will go out soon (not forgetting a few people not on email) with final information prior to starting the work – so check your Inbox if you are already a volunteer for the project.

If you are not a volunteer and would like to try it – we are a sociable lot – check out the DPA web site here: Conservation work on Devonport Leat