Wow, what a great day and what a great team of conservation volunteers who did a such a wonderful job in planting all of the saplings, just think, in years to come you can walk down the bridleway with your friends and relations and say with pride “I helped plant this hedge, pick me a nut”.

Many thanks to Norman who not only had the idea in the first place but organised the claim to Farming in Protected Landscapes (FiPL) and ordered and arranged delivery of the saplings. Thanks also to Valerie who imparted her knowledge of planting to make the day run so smoothly.

Whilst all the planting was going on the fencing, “A” team got to work removing the unwanted fence and erected a new one, complete with stile where it was needed. This action has saved the DPA several hundred pounds which perhaps could go towards a new shed.

So many, many thanks to you all for your outstanding efforts so now you can put your feet up and have a few weeks rest!

Derek Collins

Photos by Adam Sparkes