DPA volunteers should be very proud of themselves for clearing gorse, brambles and other scrub from the earthworks and pits on Roborough Down. DPA began clearing this site back in 2003 or 2004 – to be honest, I cannot remember it was so long ago –and carried out a plane table survey in 2005. We had 12 boards, with the survey organised by Bob.

Tim & I have long had an interest in this site (a favourite local dog walk) so are always delighted to be part of a team caring for it.

We have been back most years to bash bracken and clear away scrub growing on the site. When we first did this, the gorse was about 6’ – 8’ tall, and when it was removed, it did look very bare. By the summer the banks were covered in grass and flowers. Phew.

There are 2 more smaller earthworks on the E side of the A386 which we also cleared and surveyed. DPA still keep these tidy. Have a look at the photo of one of these – how the gorse has grown around it now!

This year it took 3 days to remove all the unwanted scrub, it seemed like we would never finish, but on a beautiful sunny day all was done. We sat and looked at the view. What a perfect day. Thank you to all who helped.