The 13 Mardon Down volunteers were lucky to enjoy a bright Autumn day, with excellent views when they were able to look up from their work.  Most of us concentrated on clearing more of the large railway embankment which was created by the American engineering regiment stationed there in the second world war as practice for the bridges and railways that they would construct during the Allied invasion of France.  A group of Commoners worked on the embankment on the other side of the road so that the construction is now much more visible and understandable.

Some of us examined and did some clearance on features that had emerged from the gorse after the Commoners’ last season’s swaling.  We were not able to reach a definitive conclusion on what they were – possibly part of a reeve in one case and possibly features of mediaeval farming in another area.

Many thanks from Hilary and Peter to Adam, Bill, Claude, Chris, Derek, Elaine, John, Val – and especially to newcomers Clare, Ollie and Nicky.  The next Mardon volunteer day is on February 14th 2017 – what better way to celebrate St Valentine’s Day!


Mardon Down - before

Mardon Down – before. Photo: Adam Sparkes


Mardon Down - after

Mardon Down – after. Photo: Adam Sparkes


Looking across the road to the WW2 railway embankment

Looking across the road to the WW2 railway embankment. Photo: Adam Sparkes



Caterpillar. Photo: Adam Sparkes