On Tuesday 5 October 2017, a dozen DPA volunteers met at Mardon Down to continue helping to clear various archaeological features which range in date from the Bronze Age to the Second World War. Since our last visit about a year ago, the Commoners have made excellent progress in clearing the very large WW2 bridge building embankment and also a bank stretching across the whole of the moor. We split into a number of small groups, working for example on clearing several mortar pits and other features, looking for and – possibly – discovering a ‘missing’ cairn and  cutting re-growth in the Giant’s grave area.  The largest group worked on identifying on the ground and clearing a long T shaped ‘reeve’ shown in a recent survey of the area.  A few of us also briefly helped the Commoners who were completing the work on their bank.

Mardon Down has marvellous views and we were very lucky with the weather, which after a slightly wet start very quickly became bright and sunny. Many thanks to all our volunteers.








The cleared area is the T-shaped "reeve".

The cleared area is the T-shaped “reeve”.







There's a missing cairn there, look!

There’s a missing cairn there, look!


Photographs: Val Barns