As the title suggests, today, Friday 20th January, we returned to work on Devonport Leat. Over the Christmas period I heard the term “green gym” used – I never thought of it before but perhaps working on the leat excuses me from going to the real gym? It works for me, as they say …..

Lunch group on Devonport Leat, 20 Jan 2012

Lunch break on the leat, waiting for the sun to come out again! Click image for a larger version

The group in the photo above look very content – worn out, perhaps? I suspect that their happy expressions derive to some extent from the very welcome cake that Mally brought for us – in fact, two types of cake. Thanks, again, Mally. Now we really are “cooking on gas” along the leat!

This was our 12th work day and to say that we covered some ground is an understatement. We finished near the property at SX 52005 66678, which means we covered over 200 metres of leat.

My thanks once more to Barbara & Roger, Bill, Chris, Derek, Elaine & John, Helen, Ian, John, John & Rachel, Kathy, Mally, Nigel, Stephanie, Steve and Sylvia, who, along with myself, made a total of 19.

Following a meeting with the Secretary of the Commoners Association last Monday, we looked again at some of the slightly larger trees that we had left, pending his further advice. Today, we carried out more of the Commoners’ wishes in removing some of the larger trees in and on the leat banks that could cause damage in the future.

As on previous, days, we ended up in The Rock Inn, and well-deserved it was, too!

If anyone would like to join this happy band on future work days, you would be very welcome. Either check out the DPA Volunteering web page, the DPA Devonport Leat web page, or call Keith Ryan on 01752 405245.