Major developments within the National Park are inconsistent with the principle of preservation or indeed the purpose of having landscape designation.  Even some relatively modest development proposals can be damaging to, for example, open moorland or the heart of an historic settlement.  We therefore support the strict control of development through the National Park Authority’s development management processes and will object to development proposals that we consider to be detrimental to the landscape or heritage of Dartmoor.    

We accept that the residents of the National Park have legitimate needs and aspirations which can only be met through development.  Therefore we will not oppose proposals which will meet genuine local needs or satisfy reasonable aspirations without prejudicing the purposes of National Park designation.  Examples of such developments might be : a small number of homes provided in a village and controlled specifically to meet an identified local need; the conversion or provision of a building to provide a village shop; an extension to a dwelling to enable a growing family to continue living in their home village.

We believe that it is important to participate in the statutory planning system at all levels and not simply when a controversial development is proposed.  Therefore we get involved in all consultations by the National Park Authority in respect of the formulation, examination and approval of statutory polices and related documents and, through liaison with the Campaign for National Parks, we contribute to consultations by the Government in respect of proposed national planning policies which have an impact on the management of the National Parks.