Thursday 14th November saw quite a large party of DPA volunteers appearing at Plymouth, or Drake’s, Leat on Roborough Common. The quite amazing news about this work party is that covered close to 650 metres of the leat! Admittedly, some sections had no or next to no growth to deal with. Unfortunately, I was on a train returning from Birmingham for this work day – perhaps I should stay away more often? I could do that!

dead mans bridge looking southwest

Looking south-west from Dead Mans Bridge.

Those who “turned out” were Steph Ackland, Val Barns, Bob Bruce, Derek Collins, Chris Francis, Sylvia Hamilton, Nigel Heath, Peter Hutchison, Hilary Luce, Nigel Peace, Bill Radcliffe, Barbara Swinfen, John Viant, John Watson, Rachel Watson and Helen Wilson; making a total of 16.

Looking north-east from Dead Man's Bridge.

Looking north-east from Dead Man’s Bridge.

As can be seen from the photograph above, this section of the leat was quite “clean” to start with. I can imagine that the work party spent half their time moving their rucksacks and the base-camp along the leat!

Tremella mesenterica.

Tremella mesenterica.

The photograph above shows the yellow fungus, Tremella mesenterica, that occurs frequently on dead gorse. Common names include yellow brain fungus, golden jelly fungus, yellow trembler and witches butter. A more pictorial link is David Fenwick’s web site with a page showing several images that are seen by hovering or clicking on the various captions to the left of the image area: HERE. The bottom image is of spores of a species found parasitizing another fungus at Clearbrook!

I have been given a GPS/map reference for where the work finished (SX 51717 64897) and I have drawn a route along the leat on a digital map and imported it into the Google aerial map of the project that can be seen HERE. Next time, we can use the main car park.

My thanks to Val and Sylvia for the photos and information in this ‘post’ – including the news that Elaine Viant sent carrot cake and Rachel brought lemon drizzle – we are “spoiled”!