The DPA Conservation Team gathered in Princetown on Thursday 12th February to do some clearance work in the churchyard.


General scene before work started.

The main problem was that the grass had not been cut for some time.


An overgrown grave.

The volunteers set to work brush-cutters and hand tools.


A DPA volunteer raking cut grass.


General scene showing volunteers at work.


A cleaned grave.


A general scene after grass cutting had been done.


Another scene showing results of clearance.

Meanwhile ….. at the top end of the churchyard, two young beech trees had been blown over and were “hung up” precariously in a fir tree.


Cutting the second of twin beech trees – the stump of the first one is seen in front of the chainsaw.

Two wind-blown beech trees were a bit of a handful to take down safely.  They were “hung up” in a fir tree where they might fall at any time to the detriment of any passers by.


Using a Spanish windlass to gently wind the tree down.

One of the considerations was that the tree should not damage a young tree growing nearby, in a tree guard, seen in the bottom centre of the photograph above.


It’s coming – slowly.

Thanks to Adam Sparkes for the photographs.