A second site for the Butterfly Habitat Conservation Project was started on 29th January 2016.

Following agreement by the DPA  Conservation team to continue supporting the 2 Moors Threatened Butterfly Project, we agreed with Jenny Placket , the project officer, to carry out work on a second site on Roborough Down to improve habitat for Pearl-bordered and High Brown Fritillary butterflies, by removing trees and gorse which overshadow the bracken feeding areas.

1 before

Before work started.


The site selected was to the south of Bedford Bridge old railway viaduct although access to the area was from the Longash road.

2 chainsawing regrowth

Chain-sawing regrowth from previous cutting, prior to treatment.


January was a particularly wet month with several of the DPA conservation days being cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions.

3 collecting regrowth

Collecting regrowth.


The forecast for the Roborough day varied during the week before and whilst not being completely favourable the decision was taken to proceed with the workday.

4 felled tree

Felled tree.


Derek Collins’ son. Christopher. was again able to assist us with transporting tools and bags to the work area in his Landrover.

5 neat stacks

The cuttings are stacked neatly.

Christopher and Keith worked with chainsaws cutting the trees and stumps from previous clearance whilst the other team members stacked the brash in piles clear of the bracken.


6 collecting

Collecting cuttings.

A steady drizzle continued for most of the morning  with a slight let up around lunch time and then set in again as we packed up and returned to the carpark mid afternoon.


7 nearly done

Nearly finished.

Thanks to all those volunteering for the project – Chris Francis, Claude Williams, Derek Collins, Christopher Collins, Hilary Luce, Hilary Marshall, John Lucas, Keith Ryan, Peter Butcher,  Rachel Watson, Sylvia Hamilton and Val Barns.


10 the group

The group.


A special thanks to Sylvia for the cake, and to Christopher for giving his time and providing the transport.

9 after

The site after work was finished.


Further information on the Butterfly Project can be found on:


Stephen Barrow
Photos: Jenny Plackett