A charity in law

The Dartmoor Preservation Association operates as a charity in law. Members of the Board of Trustees have four key roles to play in contributing to the decision-making of the Association:

  • to determine the Association’s policies, and approve and monitor programmes to implement those policies including financial affairs;
  • to participate in the development of policy direction, strategic thinking and innovation within the Association;
  • to represent the Association, individually and corporately;
  • to work as a volunteer on the Board of Trustees to help achieve the objectives of the Association; also volunteer to carry out particular tasks on behalf of the Trustees (such as serving on a working group).

The Trustees and Officers of the Association :

  • act in accordance with the Association’s constitution and are accountable to the members.
  • always represent the Association and its mission in a positive and professional manner in all entities and at all levels.
  • have a responsibility in ensuring that the Association uses its resources prudently and in accordance with the law. We will endeavour to ensure the proper, effective and efficient use of the charitable funds and other resources.


Subject to the resignation of any of the trustees or the co-option of
any new ones, any of those listed below who are due to retire or be
re-elected will remain in place until the 2019/20 AGM – currently
postponed because of Covid restrictions – takes place

Trustees & Officers 2019/2020

Role Name
President Colin Turner
Acting Chairman John Howell
Vice Chairman Graham Wall

Trustees Kate Ashbrook
Elizabeth Bailey
Derek Collins
Chris Curry
Alison Clish-Green
William Fell
Keith Ryan
John Skinner
Jane Marchand

Chief Executive Philip Hutt
Office Manager Fiona Senior
Finance Administrator Anne Johnson

Vice President Lady Kitson
Vice President Val Barns