The Government has now published its response to last autumn’s consultation on proposed changes to permitted development rights to support 5G coverage. We objected to the proposals to extend permitted rights and remove the need for prior approval for larger masts in National Parks and other designated landscapes.

The summary of consultation responses shows that many of the other consultees raised similar views and a high proportion specifically raised concerns about the impacts on National Parks. According to the Campaign for National Parks, ‘…a lot of the credit for this should go to Dartmoor Preservation Association who ran a very effective campaign
encouraging their members and supporters to respond to the consultation…’

The high level of opposition to relaxing planning controls in National Parks has had some impact. Although the Government is proposing to introduce some of the changes proposed they promise to “….ensure that the appropriate environmental protections and other safeguards are in place to mitigate the impact of new mobile infrastructure and…address the concerns which have been raised relating to…protected land including designated landscapes such as National Parks…”

There will be further government consultation on this issue and the DPAwill continue to oppose any relaxation of planning protections designed to protect our National parks. We would like to thank all of our members and all those members of the public who took the trouble to respond to the consultation.”